About Us

The MDP Progressive Caucus is an official caucus of the Missouri Democratic Party. The idea for the caucus began with discussions by national delegates for Bernie Sanders at the DNC convention in 2016. The caucus was officially formed in early 2017 to continue to push for the progressive platform and ideals championed by Sanders.

The caucus seeks to gain representation for progressive Missourian in our state and federal legislature by recruiting, training, and supporting progressive candidates. Additionally, the caucus works to support legislation and ballot initiatives which align with our progressive platform, which seeks to give all Missourians and their families fair and just opportunities to achieve economic and social happiness.

The progressive caucus also acts as central networking and coordination hub for progressive grassroots organizations across the state.

Executive Board

  • Felicia Raetliff - Acting Chair
  • Derrick Nowlin - Secretary
  • Cori Bush
  • Jean Chanda
  • Rae English
  • Darryl Gray
  • Jenna Squires
  • Tao Weilundemo